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Hip Pain

Daniel Marin, MD -  - Physiatrist

ProForm MD

Daniel Marin, MD

Physiatrist & Pain Management Physician located in Miami, FL

Dr. Marin’s mobile health service, ProForm MD, includes diagnostics and treatments for hip pain for executives and professionals in Miami, Florida.

Hip Pain Q & A

What Causes Hip Pain?

The hip joint is the biggest joint in the body and bears the brunt of much of the body’s weight bearing movements, including standing, walking, and sitting. This means the joint is subjected to considerable strains throughout the day, no matter what the patient is doing. Some of the most common causes of hip pain include:

  • Osteoarthritis that can cause stiffness in addition to pain
  • Herniated discs that cause nerve compression in the lower back and pain that radiates into the hip
  • Sprains and strains and other injuries affecting the tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  • Slip-and-fall accidents and other types of traumatic injuries
  • Knee-related problems that cause uneven strain on the hips
  • Obesity or being overweight which places excess strain on all the weight-bearing joints

What Symptoms Are Associated With Hip Pain?

Radiant pain and discomfort are often major side effects of hip issues. Many patients suffer from pain spreading from the hip to the thigh, groin, buttocks, or inside or outside of the hip joint. Back and leg discomfort, which can be caused by sciatica or a hernia, can travel down to the hip as well. Pain often becomes worse when the individual is active, particularly when the pain is the result of arthritis. When the pain is ongoing, some patients will suffer from a reduced range of motion and limping, which can lead to imbalances and pain in other parts of the body due to overcompensation of other muscles and tissues.

How Does Dr. Marin Address Hip Pain?

Dr. Marin is dedicated to helping his patients to live active, successful, and pain-free lives. His treatment plans are customized to not only provide pain relief but to also heal the condition responsible for the hip pain. His treatments include a combination of physical therapy, traditional medicine, nutritional counseling, and pain management. He understands that the modern executive does not have the time to spend on illness and works with his patients to prevent illness and disease before it becomes an issue.